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Our trap production is about getting you successful today and when trap music changes we’ll stay up-to date!

The Artist We Have Worked With...

Young Thug
Lil Wayne

What Do Other Artist Have To Say?

 I am James Brooks Jr. aka Fullspin from Green Bay, WI. I have been rocking with 101 Da Exclusive for a little more than a year now. I am so impressed with the ability to adapt, show flexibility and grow. The communication between him and my label is excellent and its something that I respect. I have been able to expand even more thanks to 101 and I look forward to the future.


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Im Not Just A Producer In His Basement Making Beats!


How long you been involved in music?


I been making beats and been in the music industry for over 15+ years. My dad used to rap and make beats thats where i got my inspiration from & he had a group when i was growing up that i used to watch rap and sometimes id even get on the songs from then i took what i learn and started my own independent brand and day to day hustle as "the guy with the studio that rap and make beats" used to come home from school making music with friends day in day out consistently improving my craft by the day also doing open mics in my spare time from then i learned how to sell beats online where i eventually got signed to Floyd Mayweather's record label The Money Team Music Group where i got to produce for Lil Wayne and even had my music featured on Showtime Sports my production is on his personal Spotify playlist . Ive even opened up for Young Bleu as an artist & collaborated on instrumental music production with Scott Storch - 101 Da Exclusive Beats


Whats my message to music artist?

We can blow up together, Lets lock in and create a sound with each other that the world love, Buy My Beats, We can do this independently, You can depend on me to keep you with new beats, Let me help take yo career to the next level with my creative trap production, Im down for the cause of your music career, We can be like brothers and more like a family | lets build a family lifelong bond, Lets help each other get to where we need to in each of our lives, I wanna help you make it, Lets push trap music forward and let the bar higher! (Lets fit in and stand out at the same time ), Lets create a global impact from our music! Do you have what it takes to be a Rap / Hip Hop Legend? Beats + Songwriting + Recording + Mixing + Mastering + Graphic Design + Video Production + Social Media Promotion + Marketing + Advertising = 101 Da Exclusive ( all these things combined adds up to what im really capable of ), Full all-in-one studio and production services.


You was apart of TMT The Money Team?


I was once signed with Floyd Mayweather and got to travel and make music for them and be around artist like Young Thug, Future, Drake, Migos and famous producers like drumma boi, Jazzy Phe, and Scott scorch and we building a relationship deeper than beats its more like a family bond now...