Gangsta, Grimey, Hood, & Street Trap Instrumentals

About Producer / CEO 101 Da Exclusive


What makes me Unique?


I have a mobile recording studio so for your $1000 that includes my plane ticket to come to you and record the song with you in person at a hotel of your choice so ima come out to yo city and we can lock in the studio together I got all the equipment and make hits ( ima upload video footage we take on my vlog for my 10k youtube subscribers) that way I record mix master and make my own songs so I know this can really help you if you working with e and you a be owning the beats so nobody else can get them and if I need to make sum from scratch I will do that too fuck wit me 


How I Separate Myself From The Other Producers?

I love music and ima do my best to make it big so:      

We only sell exclusives  (meaning that once you buy the beat nobody else in the world has the opportunity to use that beat ever again. it will be off the market forever).

We help produce the tracks artist purchase from us (mixing & mastering included).


After u buy a beat, we'll help u write the song, recording it ( if you live in St. Louis because i have a recording studio), & mix & master the song once its finished.


We edit the lyrics to where they sound best around the beat and also help write  hooks or verses if needed. ( i give honest song feedback ) 


Mixing services with music production purchases are included for each track you buy from me.


I will edit the song for you after you record it to make it sound like a hit with my audio engineering skills.


I help you get yo image and swagg together too if you shop with us we gon show you how to stand in music videos, what you should wear, what you should do, & just be a all around help for your next project or release. I also do graphic designing work to where i can design your next mixtape cover as well. 


I design song covers too so once your song is done you can send it to me (thats if your not in the area to record it or don't want me to fly out to record you) and i will design you a song cover artist to release it on all platforms with (a high quality mixtape graphic).

     I will listen to yo song or hook or verse and tell you how to improve it and I will actually help you come up with the song and concept (help you actually write the song).


You buy a beat will fly out book a studio we link up ill record you mix and master the song and help you create it as well and help guide you the the whole vocal recording process so that it has the best sound.


I will make you a beat from scratch if you don't like any out the batch my promise and guarantee ima make sure we make a hit and ima produce it.


If you buy a beat ill help you write the song ill ghost write it for you i'm great at writing songs.


My production is only available for artist that spend at least $1000 each on beats (No more Leases). (Sorry artist with a small budget)


If you buy a beat you can come record it at my recording studio in St. Louis, MO for FREE.


I bundle a few services along with beat purchases such as ( Song Cover Artwork, Social Media Promo, Song Lyric Vocal Direction, Recording/Mixing & Mastering, ) we gon help u write the song, record it for u mix and master it create cover artist for it, and promote it on a ll my social medias .. 


We only associate with high quality trap artist!


So what you waiting on...


Successful Independent Rap/Hip-Hop/Trap Recording Artist soon to be major

I wanna help you blow up thru all my gifts and talents and encouragement! Ima help you Make a million dollars, Get millions of streams, Get your songs played on the radio, Get your video put on WorldStarHipHop, Release music videos that do numbers, Gain more fans, Get the attention of Labels and Major Artist,

Go on tour around the world, Release a project that take off, Get signed to a major label, Fuck bad bitches, Drive exotic whips, Live a five star lifestyle, do songs with yo favorite artist, Dominate the music industry, Put yo team on, Take care of yo family, Feed yo hood, Get on TV, Get grammies and platinum plaques on they wall of they songs, Maintain success independently, Retain all the ownership of your work so they they can get all your royalties from being independent and no-one having control or say so over your music, build yo brand or company independently, Make hit records, Get Millions of downloads 

All off this music shit ... FWM